Vortex Eco .22 Pellets

Vortex Eco .22 Pellets

Vortex Pellets

  • In 2014, we are proud to introduce the Hatsan Vortex line of pellets. Over a 12 month period, Hatsan collaborated with a German pellet manufacturer to design and develop its Vortex pellet offering. The end result is a quality line of pellets specifically designed to deliver the rated performance of Hatsan’s airguns. We highly recommend the use of Vortex pellets in all Hatsan airguns.

  • Our Eco pellets are high quality, alloy pellets that provide an accurate alternative for airgunners that want (or need) to shoot lead free.


  • .22 Caliber

  • 12.35 Grains

  • 300 Count Tin

  • Recommended for our Spring and Vortex Airguns

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